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  • What is Heat Transfer?

    Heat transfer paper can work with most office printers. However, you will get the best quality and results out of a white toner printer, such as an OKI. These printers are specifically designed for garment decoration and lay down a layer of white toner to allow vibrant, full-color prints to be transferred to colored and dark garments.

  • Substrate and Fabric Type

    Heat transfer paper can be used on virtually any fabric: polyester, cotton, blends, nylon and more. You can also decorate hard surface items without a polymer coating. There are very few limitations on what you can transfer to with heat transfer paper.

  • What is Sublimation?

    Sublimation is a similar process to heat transfer paper in the sense it requires you to print an image or design on a special paper, then use heat to apply it to a substrate. However, there is one major difference- the science of how the process happens. Sublimation ink is a dye-based ink that when heated, turns from a solid into a gas. This gas dyes the fabric. Due to the ink actually dying the fibers of the garment, sublimation is only ideal for white and light garments.